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Cryptozond is a non-profit online source, built by crypto enthusiasts and professionals, to provide news from the crypto universe. 

We value the clarity and truthfulness of the information, as well as the enthusiastic people who want to share their thoughts and experience with the community. 

  • If you are one of them and have a passion for writing – please don’t hesitate to contact us, and become our author (with all the author credits).
  • If you are someone who is working on the crypto project and want to share it with others, let us know! We love to support promising ideas for the good. 

But please note, that we always check the background of the project, and will not collaborate with a suspicious “business” that wants to “make fast money” rather than make something useful and beneficial to the community. 

Our team LOVEs fun, openness, and originality! In case you are any kind of a creative person with awesome or even crazy ideas, we are thrilled to hear from you. In case you don’t have ideas yet, but really feel that you will bring value to the community – we are here for you as well and will create the cool things together.

We value all our readers and are always open to feedback.

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