Most Popular. Top 5 November Crypto Gainers And Losers

We live in the era of cryptocurrencies, in the flood of Tokens, NFTs, and S*itty Coins. And the speculation on this market is a huge part of the cryptocurrency business. Crypto investors’ days are full of FUN – “pump and dump”, “win or lose”, “gain or pain” 🙂

Dozens of new tokens and coins are created around the world every day and promise quick earnings to potential investors. But usually, there is no easy money, and often such investments end without profits. After all, the vast majority of these tokens lose value within a few months or even weeks.

Despite this situation, hype coins have become a favorite investment for millions of people.
In fact, some of them have great potential, but it is not always easy to predict which one. Investing in strong well-known coins or crypto market leaders has a very good chance of profit, in the long run, but short-term games usually aren’t that shiny.
At some point, the whole cryptocurrency game is like gambling, you never know if your portfolio will rise or fall.

So let’s see the TOP 5 November Gainers and Losers according to Coinmarketcap.

top gainers and losers

Top 5 November Gainers:

  1. Mars Space X  – MPX. Another sh*t coin inspired by Elon Musk’s project (Space X). According to the website, its goal is to provide stable and continuous capital output to the Mars Project. But no information on how it will be proceed, no road map, nothing – just fantastic stories! On the website they point that the participants should receive high dividend rewards for holding the X coin, a total profit of 6%, that %4 will be invested in scientific research, 2% on marketing, and 2% on Starlink project. Sounds like a fairytale, but you probably can guess how truthful it is.
  2. Pulsar Token – PULSAR. Pulsar Token – elastic supply Rebasing Token, deployed on Binance Smart Chain(BSC BEP-20), which uses a negative rebasing to reduce the total supply of tokens in order to increase the value of each token over time. There is not much information about this token online and their website is down right now. But you can find some information about it on Reddit to make your mind about it.
  3. Chain – CHN. Chain is a cloud blockchain infrastructure that helps organizations to build better financial services. It is based on Chaine Code open-source blockchain and Sequence. The protocol defines how assets are issued, transferred, and controlled on a blockchain network. Clients can receive discounts and pay for commercial fees with Chain Tokens (CHN) and participate in community protocol to access premium features. They put some effort into the website and content, but there is no info about the development team and the press releases are 2 year old.
  4. Solar Energy – SEG. Solar energy is a deflationary BEP20 token from Binance Smart Chain, self-sustainable with a decentralized ecosystem and the objective of creating Photovoltaic Power Plants in Brazil. The main purpose is to meet the needs of traditional investors and adapt to the world of crypto actives. It has $BUSD as a reward for investors, in addition to the profit-sharing of the Power Plants. As usually no team, white paper is unprofissional, made on “rush”. Legit or not, you decide.
  5. Fountain – FTN. It is a cryptocurrency that operates on the Ethereum platform. Fountain is creating a win-win, sustainable content ecosystem. Rewarding FTN based on each user’s contribution (PoC) to the community, allowing the profit of the content to eventually return to the creator. The main idea is that any participant who contributes to the development of the community should receive proof of contribution, unlike users in traditional content communities (like Quora) who make a huge contribution to the community but can’t get valid proof of contribution and reward. Nevertheless, the last post on Twitter was published in 2018, and the coin price was very low, but somehow it jumped to the moon just in a week without any reason, which is suspicious.

Top 5 November Losers:

  1. Cheems Inu – CINU. This token is powered by memes and is the meme itself. Its main idea is to combine Memes & Crypto to bring both LOLs and money to the masses of the internet. It has a high supply, to assure that everyone can get in and own a substantial stake in Cheems Inu.
  2. Gouki Inu – GOUKI. It is a decentralized Anime Meme token, based on a fictional character and secondary antagonist of the fighting game Street Fighter. The dev team decided to create a direct fork of Pancakeswap, named GoukiSwap and plan to create NFTs and additional tools as well. Let’s call it full package.
  3. Elonomics – ELONOM. Again, Elon Mask-Inspired tocken. Elonomics as a rebasing token which is based on elastic supply smart contract. It’s also one of the million copy-past tokens, with no utility, but with fun memes.
  4. Squid Game – SQUID. Another cryptocurrency which was founded by scammers. Was created as a meme coin inspired by the Netflix show and based on Binance Smart Chain’s BEP-20 standard, with a finite supply of 1 billion tokens. By already created tradition of the most tokens, the team behind the Squid game token are nameless and faceless. Spiced up with a secret this coin made a lot of noise, as investors had no ability to sell it. Seems like right now, the project is ostensibly run by the crypto community after the initial rugging allegations. But, please do your own due diligence.
  5. ArmzLegends – PROT. It is a Play to Earn NFT game on Binance Smart Chain. The game goal is to provide a fun experience, create a community around it and earn some financial benefits. They also launched an NFT collection, which is possible to mint.

This is a small overview for November gainers and losers according to Coinmarketcap. But before investing in any coin or token, do some investigation on it and then decide what to do. There are millions of coins and tokens, but just a few have a proper value. Anyways, you can play at your own risk.

* DISCLAIMER: All the information is provided merely for informational purposes and does not provide any investment advice.

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