Why did Amazon join the NFT game?

Answer is simple: ” They’ve got to get all the digital assets in order!” XD

But seriously, Amazon is ready to make a splash in the digital asset pool and they’ve been rolling around for quite a while, trying to find the perfect NFT wave to ride! 

They’re looking for perspective blockchain-based gaming startups and digital asset exchanges to grow the business around. 

Amazon’s blockchain initiatives might include crypto games with free NFTs, as a reward for its customers. The big reveal is coming this spring, so hold our breath, and let’s see what happens!

So far, we think it’s a huge deal for the crypto world. Amazon’s customer base is massive, and they could make a tidal wave in the NFT market. But who’s leading this NFT initiative in Amazon is still a mystery for now.

And what are Amazon’s plans for Web3? It’s unclear, but they’re diving into more projects in this area. Will they compete with NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible? Time will tell.

Amazon is quite serious about Blockchain and NFTS in general. 

In October 2022, Amazon Prime launched a new documentary series called “NFTMe” in its library. 

It profiles leaders in the NFT market and gives a breakdown of all the important info and jargon. From real creator stories to animated visuals, “NFTMe” is on a mission to educate the 98% of people who don’t understand NFTs or crypto yet. With the NFT industry expanding fast, this series is a great way to catch up and learn about the future of NFTs. By 2027, the NFT segment is expected to reach a whopping $8,412 million! (holly molly)

If you still don’t know, what is NFTs, you can found all the info in our article here.

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